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受紐約10x10 Photobooks 邀請,擔任《How We See: Photobooks by Women》選書執筆委員之一,介紹來自台灣、中國等亞洲地區十位女性的攝影集。

I am pleased to contribute to the latest publication project "How We See: Photobooks by Women" organized by 10x10 Photobooks as one of the selectors to introduce 10 photobooks by women from China and Taiwan. ニューヨーク拠点の10x10photobooksが刊行する「How We See: Photobooks by Women」の執筆メンバーとして、台湾、中国アジア諸国の女性による写真集を10冊選び、紹介しました。


我選出的十本書 My Selections are: Koan|Artist: 陳蕭伊 Xiaoyi Chen (China)|Published by PJB Editions, 2014. New Edition by Jiazazhi Press, 2017.

a touch of|Artist: Shauba Chang (Taiwan)|Published by dmp editions, 2017 如露亦如電 Love Remains|Artist: 黃亦晨 Sherry Huang (Taiwan)|Self-published, 2016 Baker Salon|Artist: Ting Cheng (Taiwan)|Published by dmp editions, 2016

a flower is not a flower| Artist: 張卉欣 Hui-Hsin Chang|Self-published, 2015 另一種目線 Line - of - Vision The Photography of Wang Hsin|Artist: 王信 Wang Hsin|Published by Taipei Fine Art Museum, 2016 Vis a Vis: Portraits of a New Woman|Artist: Chin-Chin Wu (China)|Published by edition Galerie Vevais, Bliesdorf, Germany, 2013

香具師TEKIYA|Artist: 渡辺眸 Hitomi Watanabe (Japan)|Published by Jiyusha, 2017

極度疼痛 Douleur exquise - Chinese Edition|Artist: 蘇菲·卡爾 Sophie Calle|Published by 大家出版 Common Master Press, 2014

第一人稱 First Person|Artist: 夏宇 Hsia Yu|Self-published, 2016

評選基準:#攝影集作為可攜式展覽空間 Most of my selections featured on the photobooks that have the potential to act as portable exhibition spaces to showcase the intersection of photography with complex and layered information.


How We See: Photobooks by Women|我們如何觀看:女性攝影書

《How We See: Photobooks by Women》為10x10 Photobooks 最新的出版計畫,邀請來自全球10位活躍於攝影圈的女性,各自介紹10本於21世紀出版的女性攝影家的攝影書。以19世紀英國攝影師安娜·阿特金斯《Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions》一書揭開序章,我們不難發現從豐富的攝影書史中,可見女性長期於製作貢獻不遺餘力。10×10 Photobooks 盼透過「How We See」之「閱讀室計畫 Reading Room」、「 book on books」的出版計畫和一系列的公開活動,來探索女性所製作的攝影書中獨特的內容、設計和知識屬性。

How We See: Photobooks by Women, 10×10 Photobooks’ latest project and publication presents a global range of 21st-century photobooks by female photographers. With historical records establishing 19th-century British photographer Anna Atkins’s Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions (1843-1853) as the first photobook, it is not surprising that women have consistently contributed to the rich history of photobook making. 10×10 Photobooks has organized How We See—a hands-on reading room, “book on books” publication and series of public events—to explore the distinctive content, design and intellectual attributes in photobooks produced by women.

閱讀室巡迴書展 Reading Room Tour

參與此項計畫的所有書籍將於今年10月25日起,以紐約公共圖書館為首站,展開一連串的巡展活動直至2020年。展出地點包括:拉丁美洲影像資料庫 ( Fototeca Latinoamericana,布宜諾斯艾利斯, 2018年12月)、 波士頓美術館 (波士頓, 2019年3月) 和 美國卡內基美術館內的「PGH Photo」(匹茲堡,2019年4月),並預計於各會場舉辦座談分享會。展後,所有書籍將全數捐贈波士頓美術館,而另一套展出書籍則已獲紐約公共圖書館收藏。 The How We See Reading Room launches on 25 October 2018 at the New York Public Library and will tour through 2020 to multiple venues, including Fototeca Latinoamericana (Buenos Aires, December 2018), Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, March 2019) and PGH Photo at the Carnegie Museum of Art (Pittsburgh, April 2019), among others. Talks and presentations on photobooks by women and their history are planned for all venues. At the end of the tour the books will be donated as a complete collection to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. A second collection of the How We See Reading Room books has been acquired by the New York Public Library.

關於選書 How the Books are Selected


The project’s reading room selection has been formed by ten female selectors (either in teams or individually) from around the world. The project’s selectors are specialists in the photobook field, and have made selections that focus on photobooks published in the 21st-century from their respective regions.

《How We See》一書中介紹的女性攝影師包括: Photographers with books in How We See include:

Laia Abril, Ying Ang, Olivia Arthur, Sophie Calle, Xiaoyi Chen, Zoe Croggon, Cristina de Middel, Laura El-Tantawy, Abigail Heyman, Hannah Höch, Dragana Jurišić, Kristina Jurotschkin, Pixy Liao, Susan Meiselas, Lucia Moholy, Zanele Muholi, Yurie Nagashima, Catherine Opie, Maya Rochat, Guadalupe Ruiz, Eva Saukane, Collier Schorr, Ketaki Sheth, Lieko Shiga, Dayanita Singh, Mitra Tabrizian, Carrie Mae Weems, Cindy Sherman, Hsin Wang 等。

參與此項計畫的選書者包括: Selectors for the How We See Reading Room are:

Ilgin Deniz Akseloğlu (中東|Middle East)

Delphine Bedel & Frédérique Destribats (西歐|Western Europe)

Federica Chiocchetti (西歐|Western Europe)

Iona Fergusson (南亞及澳大拉西亞|South Asia & Australasia)

Amanda Ling-Ning Lo (中國和台灣|China & Taiwan)

Lesley A. Martin (美國|United States)

Oluremi C. Onabanjo (非洲|Africa)

Mariela Sancari (拉丁美洲|Latin America)

Miwa Susuda (日本|Japan) Daria Tuminas (東歐|Eastern Europe)

關於10x10 Photobooks About 10x10 Photobooks

​10x10 Photobooks 是一個以紐約為據點的非營利機構,旨在推廣全球攝影書的文化交流。創辦於2012年,10x10 作為一個多元攝影交流平台,舉辦多場公開活動,包括閱讀室計畫、攝影書沙龍、線上社群,並為國際間多家藝術單位和機構的合作夥伴,長期投入攝影書文化的教育普及和推廣。現任組織成員為 Olga Yatskevich, Russet Lederman (共同創辦人) 和 Michael Lang。

10x10 Photobooks is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with the mission to foster engagement with the global photobook community through an appreciation, dissemination and understanding of photobooks. Founded in 2012, 10x10 offers an ongoing multi-platform series of public photobook events, including reading rooms, salons, publications, online communities and partnerships with arts organizations and institutions. 10x10 Organization: Olga Yatskevich, Russet Lederman (co-founders) and Michael Lang.



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