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木格堂 × 羅苓寧|Photobook Editing & Design Workshop

攝影書設計工作坊:既有的格式 推翻的編輯

6位創作者 × 8 days × A3 size × 48p × 7種紙 = ∞



Invited by the Chinese artist Muge to hold a workshop about photobook editing and design before the Chinese New Year at his gallery in Chengdu. The workshop runs for 8 days with 6 participants - a curator, photographer, artist, student, photography lover and person from a totally different field.

Sharing each other's works, favorite books...from selecting images, using design software (even without any experience), working on the layout, papers, printing, making a dummy book by hand. Based on the basic knowledge of making a book, each participant creates a unique photo dummy book freely.

I am totally amazed by what they brought out within the regulation given by the workshop but broke the rules of editing. It has been a very inspiring and wonderful trip, and I am so happy to meet and catch up with Chengdu-based artists Muge (, Zhang Xiao (, Adou (, Chen Xiaoyi (, Liu Ke and Huang Huang (

With Muge, Liu Ke, Huang Huang and Adou


Day 1 |Summary


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