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"White Noise" on Collector Daily

I am pleased to share the photobook "White Noise" by 中藤 毅彦 Takehiko Nakafuji, which I edited and designed is featured on Collector Daily. Comments by Loring Knoblauch, the founder of Collector Daily.

"White Noise uses an innovative construction technique to deliver its jumbled, stream of consciousness atmosphere. Each page is folded over, the right side of the spread cut vertically about an inch from the gutter, revealing a fold out spread underneath. The effect is that after each page turn reveals a new full bleed spread, we are forced to unfold the associated flap, which offers us something more which is partially hidden. This design forces us to slow down, and it interleaves and mixes pictures together more fully (a few even wrap around the page turn), creating additional layers of contrasts, associations, and harsh juxtapositions." (....)

Available on Shashasha (Japan and International)

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