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Photobooks of the year 2018

很高興得知幾本參與編輯、設計的攝影集被業界專業人士/平台評選為本年度最佳攝影集!I am very pleased to share the news of some of the photobooks I am involved in are selected by the specialists/platforms as best photobooks of the year.

die of love by Hideka Tonomura Tonomura published three books this year, two with Morel Books, and now the most recent with her Tokyo gallery Zen Photo. All three deal with troubling and sometimes confusing images (mostly of the same woman/collaborator) in the turbulent throes of various kinds of play and pleasure. The title of this book however, Die of Love, refers not to the subject of the photographs but to photography itself, a medium that seems to have Tonomura by the throat and yet which she dominates completely. [more...]


White Noise by Takehiko Nakafuji A book on Japan’s capital Tokyo as a chaotic city. A really successful mix of genres and styles with a brilliant multi-layered design, where behind the photographs on each page lurks another hidden scene. A labyrinthian structures and visual opulence mixing different papers, monochrome and color, full bleed pictures and this multiple reading possibilities encouraging us to imagine and to linger on new proposals of perception of the chaotic Tokyo. Nakafuji san shows us here that he is not only this excellent street photographer that we know but also a photographer in accordance with his time. [more...]



White Noise by Takehiko Nakafuji

The 2018 photobook that I would like to highlight here on a personal level (as asked for this year) is White Noise by Takehiko Nakafuji, published by Zen Foto Gallery. A book consisting of photos of Tokyo with places that appeal to me and affect me since I myself took for 17 years a lot of pictures in these same places (Shinjuku, Kabukicho, Golden Gaï...). Not only is the book beautifully edited, but it has an avant-garde side — thanks to a subtle multi-layered design. Behind the pictures, each page unfolds to another hidden scene, conferring multiple reading possibilities in a truly original way for a photobook. This confirms that Takehiko san is not only a good street photographer but also an experimenter in accordance with his time. [more...]


White Noise discloses the ongoing chaos in Tokyo, leading readers to simultaneously explore the ins-and-outs of the city. Nakafuji began shooting this series of photographs after the nuclear plant in Fukushima exploded on March 11, 2011. The mixture of black and white street photography and the chromatic, science fictional images are reminiscent of hand-tinted postcards from prewar Japan. All together, they compose a jumbled physiognomy of the urbanscape. The multi-layered book design unfolds and enfolds photographs one after another, as if the book is Tokyo itself, inviting readers to walk into its endless labyrinth. [more...] – Amanda Ling-Ning Lo


摄影师水岛贵大的《Long Hug Town》系列,拍下了东京都大田区的夜晚街道,每一次的拍摄如同是一场奇幻深夜剧,今日的主角是谁?夜归的女学生、成群聚集的不良少年、遛狗的年轻男女、不睡觉的老人们......摄影师与他们打招呼,聊天,然后拍下照片,便继续游走于街上找寻下个拍摄对象。夜晚的闪光灯串连起居民们的情谊,最终透过照片直率地展现出来。


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