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Hideka Tonomura "Toxic"

Hideka Tonomura "Toxic"


“Only I can deal with my own reality And it is I who makes the most perfect photographic vector to my own reality While I am bound by reality yet I will unravel it There is no point in living for a hundred years I am made of soul and flesh I remain in my photographs Within their ethical framework people are eating Sometimes photography eats taboo And love craves it There are no ethics in love When love takes over Photography becomes toxic” It is my own choice to put my life on the line for photography. It’s not a path that someone else chose for me. It’s a path that I chose for myself. My photography is about constantly devoting my body and soul to “I” and “self” between “reality” and “actuality”, assimilating the reality right in front of me, and visualising the reality and actuality that cannot be seen. I believe in the philosophy of reality and actuality. It is my greatest wish that my philosophy will be able to touch the hearts of the people and accompany them in this world today and in the future. I am putting my life into how deep I can dive with my photography. It is the artist’s job to pursue the ideal. ― artist’s statement In dark, lust-filled, inquisitive photographs, Japanese artist Hideka Tonomura examines the question of love and its taboos and absurdities. Similar to previous photobooks by Tonomura on the topic of love, such as “mama love” and “die of love,” the photographs themselves become seemingly form part of the pictures. Tonomura’s exploration of love is tied to the medium in which she operates, with subjects posing and sometimes gazing straight at the camera, and though not strictly self-portraiture, with “Toxic” Tonomura also appears to explore her own self within the photographs.

  • Platinum Print + Book + Special Case

    Edition of 30 (select from 3 images, limited to 10 copies each)
    Attached with a signed certificate.
    Platinum Print (hand printed by the artist)
    Paper Size: 195 × 247 mmMat Size: 220 x 272 mm

    Book Size: 273 x 217 mm
    Pages: 132 pages
    Binding: Softcover with folded cover

    Publication Date: September 2019

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