Photobooks of the year 2018

很高興得知幾本參與編輯、設計的攝影集被業界專業人士/平台評選為本年度最佳攝影集!I am very pleased to share the news of some of the photobooks I am involved in are selected by the specialists/platforms as best photobooks of the year. die of love by Hideka Tonomura Tonomura published three books this year, two with Morel Books, and now the most recent with her Tokyo gallery Zen Photo. All three deal with troubling and sometimes confusing images (mostly of the same woman/collaborator) in the turbulent throes of various kinds of play and pleasure. The title of this book however, Die of Love, refers not to the subject of the photographs but to photography itself, a medium that seems to have Tonomura by the throat and yet which she do

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