Design Note|Tokyo Rumando 'S'

S is Story She=S S=SexualViolet S is es S is Sandglass Sayonara S ―Tokyo Rumando Since my collaboration with Tokyo Rumando in 2012 on two series of photos, namely ‘Rest 3000~ Stay 5000~’ and ‘Orphée’, ‘S’ was our third time working together. Before I proceed to share the design concept of ‘S’, I would like to briefly introduce previous works of Tokyo Rumando. Born in Tokyo in 1980, Tokyo Rumando was originally trained in fashion design and management, while being known as a photographer in the art world, she has been working as a nurse and serving at a psychiatric hospital and surgical wards for several years. She started to pick up photography on her own in 2005, adopting self-portra


大野真人写真展 Makoto Oono Photography Exhibition CirculationDistributionCurrency/contents|BOOKS f3 ​ CirculationDistributionCurrency/contents Talk session|大野 真人(Artist) x 佐久間 磨 RONDADE (Publisher) 2018. 8/25 (sat)19:00-20:00 (open 18:30) 1500円  要予約 Exhibition|CirculationDistributionCurrency/contents 2018. 8.25 (sat) - 9.17 (mon)  open 13:00-20:00  Venue: BOOKS f3 Niigata ( #大野真人 #MakotoOono

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