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大野真人 Makoto Oono


I captured and purchased the “living things” from the Internet, placing them in a daily scene, and set up a temporary chaotic space. Afterward, through photography and take the approach of “collect”, I continually publishing a series of photographic works that are filled with both brutality and beauty simultaneously.



― 大野真人 Makoto Oono


出生於1979年。畢業於日本大學藝術學部攝影系。2016年夏天發行攝影集《SEPARATE HIDDEN RULES》。2016年由德國攝影雜誌Der Greif編輯長 Simon Karlstetter推選,獲日本攝影獎(JAPAN PHOTO AWARD)。活躍於海內外展覽和藝術活動,曾參與東京藝術書展(Tokyo Art Book Fair 2016)、洛杉磯藝術書展(LA Art Book Fair 2017)、京都KG+KYOTOGRAPHIE和YOUNG ART TAIPEI等。近期展覽:《SEPARATE HIDDEN RULES》個展,朋丁(台北, 2017)、Summer Showcase II 聯展,亦安畫廊(台北, 2017)、《SEPARATE HIDDEN RULES》個展,假雜誌攝影圖書館(中國寧波, 2017/10/14-10/22)。


Born in 1979. Graduated from Nihon University College of Arts, Department of Photography. A photography book SEPARATE HIDDEN RULES was published in 2016. His works were selected by the chief editor Simon Karlstetter of Der Greif (Germany) and won the JAPAN PHOTO AWARD in 2016. Currently, he is based in Tokyo and active both domestic and international. He has participated in Tokyo Art Book Fair 2016, LA Art Book Fair 2017, KG+KYOTOGRAPHIE and Young Art Taipei in 2017. Recent exhibitions include: "SEPARATE HIDDEN RULES" Solo Exhibition, Pong Ding, Taipei (2017), "Summer Showcase II", Aura Gallery Taipei (2017), "SEPARATE HIDDEN RULES" Solo Exhibition, Jiazazhi Photobook Library, Ningbo (2017/10/14-10/22).


1979年生まれ。日本大学藝術学部写真学科卒業。2016年夏、写真集”SEPARATE HIDDEN RULES” 刊行。ドイツの現代写真雑誌 Der Greifの編集長 Simon Karlstetterのセレクトにより、JAPAN PHOTO AWARD2016を受賞。現在、東京をベースに海外でも活動をしており、2016年TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR(東京)、2017年LA ART BOOK FAIR(ロサンゼルス)、KG+KYOTOGRAPHIE(京都)、YOUNG ART TAIPEI(台北)などに参加。主な展示に、個展「SEPARATE HIDDEN RULES」朋丁(台北、2017)、Summer Showcase II  台北亦安畫廊 (台北、2017)、個展「SEPARATE HIDDEN RULES」假雜誌攝影図書館(中國寧波、2017/10/14-10/22)。